Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A night story... by SHE again...

She was sitting in her favorite sofa in that dark night... The music was playing in low volume.... And She again started to think... She thought her feelings are the most painful and stupid ones in this world. 

What happened? Yes... happened the worst. She was in love with her best friend. She loved him with all her heart. How did it happen? She did not remember. Because when she opened her eyes to life, it has already existed. 

Now she has just few questions...

Do you know what is love? What is no response love?

You know what is to love the person who is the closest in your life? 

Do you know the situation in which you cannot just escape? You cannot escape even from yourself. Because your life is full... Full of this person. In every side of your life, there is HIM! 
Do you know what is to love your best friend who cannot even imagine that you love him? The person who can come to you and talk to you about his love stories. The person who periodically wants advice from you. And with all your efforts you just curb your feelings with tears in your eyes and lie. You just want to shout : Don't speak!!! Don't speak!!! Don't speak because it hurts... But you cannot... You are just friends.. Close friends... You need each other ... just as a friend... as a good friend... It lasts years... and the most painful feeling is when you are jealous... jealous of person who is not yours. and will never be forever!!!

You remember your days with him... You remember dates...the dates which he cannot even remember approximately... but you can say even the exact time. you remember the places where you laughed and cried together. the places where you fought... you remember with smile the places where you were confused as a romantic couple... you were closer more than every couple. you know each other better than any lovers. but you are not couple... you do not have any romantic relationship... you are just friends. you have to remember it every time... every minute... 


You just imagine your own hell in this world..After few years, you will be again friends.. with different families who will have to be friends as well...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Another good night story by SHE

She... Who is She? 26 years old girl... who is still so young in her heart. She cannot believe ... She passed quarter of a century... What did she leave after her? Still thinking... She thinks her life is so empty and nothing to remember.. She could spend her time more effectively... But was it really like this? No... She was not unsuccessful person... In her 26 years, she was a brilliant person with brilliant heart and brain. She has lovely job, she loves her life, it seems she does not have any reason to be sad. But what is missed? May be love? During her life, she loved and of course was loved. And what happened? She loved twice and in both cases she was cheated. Her heart was broken... And now... What is gonna happen in the future? She is afraid... Afraid of loving ... Afraid of cheating.. Afraid of not to be appreciated ... Afraid to be left alone... why? why she is always hurt? What is she doing wrong? She gives all her heart... She is not acting...She never lies... 
The only reason... She is not older enough in her heart.. To understand that you have to be a good actress in this life... You have to have fake smiles...and fake feelings...

Friday, November 29, 2013

I`m a visitor in a real house of a fictional character - Sherlock Holmes...

Hi! Today we are going to visit one of the interesting museums in London! It is Sherlock Holmes Museum. Amazing, isn't it? 

Lets begin!

This museum is situated in the center of London, approximately 150-180 meters from Baker Street Station.  Therefore, the address for here is 221 Baker Str. 

In front of the building, there is always queue. The density of population in this queue depends on time, seasons and other reasons. 

Next to the main entrance of museum, you are able to see a door to the museum shop. There are a lot of souvenirs related to a well-known detective.
Right here, the tickets for museum are also sold. Unlike to other famous museums in London, it is not free of charge and the ticket costs £6.

Right here, the tickets for museum are also sold. Unlike to other famous museums in London, it is not free of charge and the ticket costs £6.

This is a ticket.

So after buying ticket, you take a place in the queue. The museum is four-storeyed brick-red building with white windows.  
And here we are! We entered the building.  As in English houses this floor is not considered as 1st one, it is a ground floor. Even in the entrance, you can feel the spirit of old house and warmth here. The museum has been designed very well, as it feels like you are really in the house with detective and right now he will sit near of you with a cup of coffee in his hand.
All right… In the both sides of entrance, you can see old mirror and frames with photos. The corridor is quite narrow and at the end of it, there are 17 squeaking wooden stairs which assist to go up.

Now, we are in the first floor. There are two rooms here. In the on side, there is a small bedroom of Sherlock Holmes.  Here, you can see a bed and personal belongings of the detective on it. Instead of it, you can see wardrobe, mirror and a lot of photos on the wall.

The other room in this floor is called a seating room with two windows in which Holmes and Watson spent their free time.  There are sofas, fire-place, a table with dinner-set and other objects. In this part, you can sit on the sofa and feel yourself like a detective with his smocking pipe and hat. 

In other floor, there is a bedroom of Watson. This room is simpler.

In the same floor, you can see the room of Mrs.Hudson.  It is a small light room with different objects from famous cases.

And finally in the last floor, there are wax figures. 
This is Mr. Jabez Wilson from the case "The Red-Headed League". 
An innocent man is unwittingly deceived into helping a robbery.

Dr.Roylott from The Adventure of the Speckled Band. 

The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton...

 The disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax. Here we can see Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson as well.

A dog from the case "The Hound of Baskervilles"

Finally, the roof... Here is toilet and some old things.

And here my story is finished! :) See you in other my posts!

P.S. Me or Dr.Watson? 

P.S.S. All photos are mine.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Father of Fuzzy Logic... The pride of my nation - Lotfi A. Zadeh

Today I decided to write in my blog about famous people from my country. And the name of Lotfi Zadeh came firstly to my mind... May be this name does not tell you so many things... However, I think it can be interesting for you to know about one of the most genius people in our world for now. I feel proud of him... As this great man is from my motherland - AZERBAIJAN. In this post i will attempt to give you some may be very little information about the Father of Fuzzy Logic... As to give comprehensive information about him can take couple of days. 

Lotfi Aliaskerzadeh was born on 4th of February in 1921 in Baku.  His father was an Iranian Azerbaijani from Ardabil and his mother was a Russian Jewish. During the time when they lived in Baku, he attended elementary school. Later on he said this school had a significant and long-lasting influence on his thinking and his way of looking at things. When he was just ten years old, his family moved to Tehran. In this city, he studied in Alborz college which was a missionary school. This school played an important role in the future of little Zadeh, which set up desire to live in the United States. Moreover, in this school he met his future wife Fay with whom he has 2 children (son- Norman and daughter- Stella) Afterwards, he graduated from University of Tehran with a degree in electrical engineering. Due to World War II, at that year only three students graduated with that degree and our Zadeh was one of them. 

During the war, he finally decided to move to US... and in 1944, he entered MIT and after two years he graduated with a MS degree of electrical engineering. In 1949, the person with full of interest to science, took his Ph.D from Columbia University where he taught as well. During the years 1950-1959, he was a member of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University. 

Afterwards, he  joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley in 1959 and served as its Chair from 1963 to 1968. At that time he already started to publish his work on fuzzy set theory. And finally in 1973, he proposed his theory of fuzzy logic. It was absolutely new way of thinking and became a bright example for modern science. It assists to study objects about which sensory organs can or cannot               transfer information to the brain. Professor           Lotfi Zadeh describes it in this quotation:  
“We are at the crossroads politics, philosophy, sociology, theology and conflict resolution. of two revolutions. The first is the information revolution. This revolution created the international computer network, the Internet. The second revolution is the intelligent systems revolution. This revolution has created intelligent robots, intelligent control systems and fuzzy systems. These are all the fruit of fuzzy logic.”

Fuzzy Logic played a key role and brought fundamental changes in many fields such as biomedicine, finances, geography, ecology, nuclear science, stock market analysis and etc. It is broadly applied to Japanese electronics. 

Interesting facts
As of October 2011, Zadeh has had around 950,000 Google scholar citations.

During the Lectures
Father of Fuzzy Logic
His wife Fay Zadeh dedicated him book in 1998: "My Life and Travels with the Father of Fuzzy Logic"

with Fay Zadeh

Statistics about Lotfi Zadeh

With mother and wife

With parents
Professor in his daily life
Lotfi Zadeh's Family 
Family in 2001
Professor Lotfi Zade

Sunday, October 13, 2013

When you want to breathe, but you cannot find air...

Feelings... Feelings transform a person to a human... Have you ever thought about feelings? What do we call feelings? Do we feel all of them during our short life? Sometimes i think there exist some feelings those we even don't know the names... But definitely someone in the other part of world feels it..  
and today..
I want to write you about feeling which i could not name... I just called it "when you want to breathe, but it seems there is no air around"... During my life, I felt so many things... I was the happiest person, i felt like im the most unlucky person... i had pain, i had joy... and so on... but it happens to me for the first time... and the most interesting part is that even in my thoughts i cannot find the real reason. i have to be pleased of my life... but it seems im running from one door to another and cannot find the open one... you may be will call it usual depression... but im sure it is not... it is just airlessness in the feelings.. it happens when your feelings cannot find enough "oxygen" for their life...it is like you are in the depth of huge ocean and you cannot swim... and you feel the most painful death..it happens to your feelings... it is the death of feelings... just imagine ...death...you will never see your those feelings anymore... you will never feel them one more time... just because they are dead... 

/One more sleepless night and story/

p.s. im not a pessimist person... just some times these feelings come without warning...

p.s.s photo by me... Sumgayit/Azerbaijan (2012)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A goodnight story

She looked at her watch. It was 3:30... and as other nights during the last month she again could not sleep. She came near her window and looked around. There was a silent street which was so unusual for noisy and happy Paris. It was like even Paris did not have any words to her. Tomorrow is 3rd of November and she will leave this city may be for good. She lit a cigarette and tried to remember her last 2 years in this city. She was so innocent when she came here. The life was completely different ... She had great hopes... She saw herself in different stage. And after two years today is the day when she is giving a report to herself...She has good and bad memories. May be bad memories are more... even though she does not want to leave the city of love... She will always remember little cafes of this colorful city... The parks, streets, beautiful places...Eiffel...Louvre..Montmartre...River Seine... the places which cleared her all mind when she was depressed or sad... She is leaving one of the most beautiful cities in the world... She is leaving Notre-Dame de Paris... where she prayed... prayed thousand times...She believed in mystery of this place...She believed here God hears her well... and now she is leaving... leaving her soul thirsty and hungry... What she felt during 2 ys? Nobody knows except her... She saw so many people... She saw so many faces... She saw beautiful masks above the demon souls... She understood that she cannot rely on anybody. If she falls, she has only own hands to help her... and the main reason of her mood... may be everything could be different...if only...
if only she didn't find her love here... she was sure he was not her first love... but he was the most loved one...he was the only one... he was the most valuable one... she met him here... she loved him here... the streets of Paris are witnesses of her love... of her happiness and her tears... she just loved him... as a stupid school girl... she loved him without any expectation... she loved him without saying it... she loved him with all her heart... she hid her love near him... but if he looked to her eyes...attentively...just one time.. she was ready to give him her life...she could leave everything and run with him even to other planets... she loved his touches, she loved his kisses...she wanted him to be the only one till the end of life... but ... but tomorrow she is leaving the city... and she is leaving her life... her whole life... she is leaving him... she will be back to her place tomorrow... and she has to bury everything to her heart... she has to bury the hugest love of her... she has to bury herself alive...


Back to Stone Age… or may be Stonehenge?


Today we are going to Stonehenge! Are you ready? 

As you all know, Stonehenge is a ring of standing stones which was built 3000 BC to 2000 BC. It is situated in the Salisbury Plain in the county of Wiltshire, England.

This extraordinary place was added to the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Every year more than 1 mln people come here. So what makes this place that much popular? At a first sight, it is just stones… Giant and mysterious stones… which make people get a fright with its sizes. And all of them are man-made structure... 

Today, Stonehenge consists of standing and sitting stones. Standing stones are massive blocks whichs` height up to 9 metres and weight about 25 tonnes! Horizontal stones are called "blue stones", as it is associated with their colour when wet and cut. Their weights are 4 tonnes. And right here, there is one an interesting point. These blue stones are not native for the area of Stonehenge... it is believed that these stones are from Wales which is quite far (250 km) from Stonehenge... So there are different stories and theories about how these stones occurred in Wiltshire.. Some researches believe that nobody moved these stones from Wales, as during the last ice age glaciers carried them close to Stonehenge. But who knows? Some people think that normal people cannot build such huge place and without doubt, there was assistance of mystic forces.

The other mystery is about the purpose of building this place... Many researches consider the place a religious or spiritual landmark and it was used as an astrological observatory.
Bryan Brewer (Eclipse) writes that "every year on the first day of summer, the Sun rises at a point that is farther north than on any other day of the year. At the ruins of Stonehenge in England, this solstice sunrise appears on the horizon in direct alignment with the massive heel stone. This is the most outstanding feature of this ancient monument... By counting the number of days between these annual alignments, they could determine the length of the year. This could serve as a practical calendar to mark holidays and seasonal festivals and to ensure the timely planting and harvesting of crops."

The other version is also close to the first one.  During the last 10,000 years Earth there were 2 impacts of objects such as comets or meteorites. One was around 7640 BC and the other which is knows as Noah's Flood about 3150 BC. It is believed that after 7640 BC, European people started to develop the civilization for predicting and preparing for the future meteoric impacts. Therefore, the megalithic structures of Stonehenge were built.  

Of course, it is difficult to say something exact about the past and may be we never will know correct version about the mysteries of Stonehenge. But it never will lose its importance and popularity. And always will be considered as a world heritage...

Lets continue with photos :)

Hello, is it me you're looking for?:P

P.S. Informative materials are taken from http://www.world-mysteries.com/mpl_4.htm
P.S.S. All photos are mine :)