Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A goodnight story

She looked at her watch. It was 3:30... and as other nights during the last month she again could not sleep. She came near her window and looked around. There was a silent street which was so unusual for noisy and happy Paris. It was like even Paris did not have any words to her. Tomorrow is 3rd of November and she will leave this city may be for good. She lit a cigarette and tried to remember her last 2 years in this city. She was so innocent when she came here. The life was completely different ... She had great hopes... She saw herself in different stage. And after two years today is the day when she is giving a report to herself...She has good and bad memories. May be bad memories are more... even though she does not want to leave the city of love... She will always remember little cafes of this colorful city... The parks, streets, beautiful places...Eiffel...Louvre..Montmartre...River Seine... the places which cleared her all mind when she was depressed or sad... She is leaving one of the most beautiful cities in the world... She is leaving Notre-Dame de Paris... where she prayed... prayed thousand times...She believed in mystery of this place...She believed here God hears her well... and now she is leaving... leaving her soul thirsty and hungry... What she felt during 2 ys? Nobody knows except her... She saw so many people... She saw so many faces... She saw beautiful masks above the demon souls... She understood that she cannot rely on anybody. If she falls, she has only own hands to help her... and the main reason of her mood... may be everything could be different...if only...
if only she didn't find her love here... she was sure he was not her first love... but he was the most loved one...he was the only one... he was the most valuable one... she met him here... she loved him here... the streets of Paris are witnesses of her love... of her happiness and her tears... she just loved him... as a stupid school girl... she loved him without any expectation... she loved him without saying it... she loved him with all her heart... she hid her love near him... but if he looked to her eyes...attentively...just one time.. she was ready to give him her life...she could leave everything and run with him even to other planets... she loved his touches, she loved his kisses...she wanted him to be the only one till the end of life... but ... but tomorrow she is leaving the city... and she is leaving her life... her whole life... she is leaving him... she will be back to her place tomorrow... and she has to bury everything to her heart... she has to bury the hugest love of her... she has to bury herself alive...

Back to Stone Age… or may be Stonehenge?


Today we are going to Stonehenge! Are you ready? 

As you all know, Stonehenge is a ring of standing stones which was built 3000 BC to 2000 BC. It is situated in the Salisbury Plain in the county of Wiltshire, England.

This extraordinary place was added to the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Every year more than 1 mln people come here. So what makes this place that much popular? At a first sight, it is just stones… Giant and mysterious stones… which make people get a fright with its sizes. And all of them are man-made structure... 

Today, Stonehenge consists of standing and sitting stones. Standing stones are massive blocks whichs` height up to 9 metres and weight about 25 tonnes! Horizontal stones are called "blue stones", as it is associated with their colour when wet and cut. Their weights are 4 tonnes. And right here, there is one an interesting point. These blue stones are not native for the area of Stonehenge... it is believed that these stones are from Wales which is quite far (250 km) from Stonehenge... So there are different stories and theories about how these stones occurred in Wiltshire.. Some researches believe that nobody moved these stones from Wales, as during the last ice age glaciers carried them close to Stonehenge. But who knows? Some people think that normal people cannot build such huge place and without doubt, there was assistance of mystic forces.

The other mystery is about the purpose of building this place... Many researches consider the place a religious or spiritual landmark and it was used as an astrological observatory.
Bryan Brewer (Eclipse) writes that "every year on the first day of summer, the Sun rises at a point that is farther north than on any other day of the year. At the ruins of Stonehenge in England, this solstice sunrise appears on the horizon in direct alignment with the massive heel stone. This is the most outstanding feature of this ancient monument... By counting the number of days between these annual alignments, they could determine the length of the year. This could serve as a practical calendar to mark holidays and seasonal festivals and to ensure the timely planting and harvesting of crops."

The other version is also close to the first one.  During the last 10,000 years Earth there were 2 impacts of objects such as comets or meteorites. One was around 7640 BC and the other which is knows as Noah's Flood about 3150 BC. It is believed that after 7640 BC, European people started to develop the civilization for predicting and preparing for the future meteoric impacts. Therefore, the megalithic structures of Stonehenge were built.  

Of course, it is difficult to say something exact about the past and may be we never will know correct version about the mysteries of Stonehenge. But it never will lose its importance and popularity. And always will be considered as a world heritage...

Lets continue with photos :)

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Friday, September 6, 2013

BATHomania or a bath in the middle of the city!!!

Bath is one of the must-see and rich in heritage places in UK. It is one of the most beautiful cities in England with impressive architectural sights and located in the south west side of the country. If you know English even in a low level, you can understand the etymology of this city. It is believed that Bladud (father of Shakespeare’s King Lear) in 500 BC discovered warm, mineral-rich waters here.
In 42 AD Romans started to settle in Bath and they developed the city. It was a city of relaxing and they built series of baths around the springs for curative purposes. These baths are named as “Roman Baths”.  The complex was built during 300 years. The main spring was treated as a shrine and it was dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva.  Bath was very important place during the Roman authority and it was located on one of the principal roads Of Romans. After the failure of Romans, the baths lost their significance. During the excavation in 2012, 30,000 silver Roman coins were founded in the territory of Bath.
AD 675 Saxons founded a monastery here which was very important one in England. It situated close to the present Abbey. Afterwards, in the 10th century Bath Abbey was reorganized. It was rebuilt in the 12 th and 16 th centuries. Namely, in 973 here was held coronation of King Edgar, the first monarch to rule over a united England. Bath's third Abbey was built under the direction of Bishop Oliver King who was prompted to start the rebuilding after a powerful vision of angels whom he saw assisting with the building by climbing a ladder to heaven.
Bath started to develop again after the three visits of Queen Anne (1165-1174) who came to take waters. It began to serve as a health resort from 1775. So after the second part of 18th century and in the 19th century, Bath was considered as an unofficial capital of the country during the summer times and the majority of aristocrats went away there for a cure.
Bath saves memories about Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Charlie Chaplin, Admiral Nelson and etc. Jane Austen set two of her six published novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, in Bath and made the city her home from 1801 to 1806.

So lets start my photo tour around this beautiful city!

"Ticket" for Roman Baths

Queue for Roman Baths

Here we are! Great Bath! This bath was provided an opportunity to enjoy a luxurious warm swim. It was fed directly with hot water from Sacred Spring. You can see some statues on the terrace. They are nearly one hundred years old, except the statue of Julius Caesar which is more modern.

A man from Aquae Sulis

Seneca About Bath

Inside of Roman Baths - the place for throwing coins

Thermal waters inside of Roman Baths. It is strictly forbidden to drink the water from these type of places as it can be dirty. However, in the exit there is a place for water drinking. To be honest, I did not like the taste :)) 

Bath Abbey - Outside view

 Bath Abbey- Angels
 Mosaic windows of Bath Abbey
 The Holy Bible in Bath Abbey

And Just Random Pics from Bath

 Street Musician... He was brilliant.. I even bought his CD. 

 People enjoying the beautiful weather ...

A little citizen of Bath :) 

 Sweet doGGie

 "Where to go?" 

Me and my Mom in Bath :)) 

Bath is just 115.5 mile away from London. If you want to see, the meeting of the past and modern Just Come Here!!! 

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lets Start :)

Hi! My name is Shafag which means "SunShine". Therefore, I decided to name my blog as Shining Notes :) I'm from Azerbaijan ...Have you ever been here? It is a beautiful country with beautiful people :) In the future, I will post interesting posts about my native land. When I registered here, I wanted to write a description about my blog, however, it was impossible to write proper information about it. And you can ask what my blog is about? To be honest, I dont know :)) It is just my colorful world and we will travel around this world together. I hope you will like my future posts, feel free to comment them.

Here we Go!

Welcome to my Sunny Blog!