Monday, June 30, 2014

Can human be an angel?

There was a shining beautiful morning in her favorite city. In  the city of love and beauty... yes, the next destination of my story is again magnificent Paris. She was living in her little flat in the Avenue Franklin Roosvelt. That day she woke up at 10 am and as it was Saturday, she decided to enjoy the beautiful weather in her lovely city. She was so optimistic and full of life. It seemed she felt something in the deepest part of her heart. She knew God has plan for her and for her life. So she prepared well. She wore her Valentino lace dress with beautiful Louboutin pumps and took her beautiful Chanel Boy bag. Finally, she scented her favorite perfume - Chanel Chance. Yes she was too much chic for just a walk. However, she believed in her feelings. She was sure today something is going to happen. She took a taxi and went to 

Parc Monceau. The weather was great here. She heard happy smiles of children, she felt best feeling of people, she saw romantic mood of couples and she was full of life. She sat and started to look around. She was impatient : something has to happen today! And at that moment she saw a man 20-30 metres from her. Oh My God...-she just could whisper. She saw these eyes first time in her life. She can drown in them during the rest of her life...The kindest look in the world... He was ideal... He has beautiful brown eyes with perfect eye-browns. They fit perfect with his sharp nose and reddish lips. He was tall with good body shape. Is it love from first sight? - she thought... for a minute she froze in her place... He cannot be a normal man... No, normal man cannot be such perfect. He is an angel! It felt like the character of this man was written in his face. It was the most well-wishing face in the whole world... Finally, she came to herself after he touched her with the question "Vous allez bien, madame?" , which means "Are you ok, lady?" . She lost herself and could say only one word, "Yes". He smiled at her and said that he asked the way to Starbucks from her for 5 times and she was numbed. She felt ashamed. But he was smiling and it helped her to be better. They started to talk... They went to cafe, drank a glass of red wine and started enjoy the day together. She could not remember the most beautiful day as this in her life. She was in love.. Also him... At the end of the day they gave their numbers to each other and each one went their home. She could not sleep that night. Oh Thanks God for such a nice present... He was her dream man... What happened to him? He also loved her... She was innocent and pure person without any bad effect of life. She was like a little girl... She could be happy with little things... With colorful candies, with big baloons and so on. The next day he called her and invited to the Notre Dame de Paris. He wanted her to accompany him during the pray time. They went together... They prayed to their God and both of them wanted from God the same thing: let this moment last forever... After praying they went out and started to walk in the beautiful streets of the most romantic city. The days lasted ... She acknowledged her love to him as she could not save it in her heart anymore. He smiled and kissed her for the first time, so he just  proved his love with emotion. It was the sweetest kiss in the world. She felt the dearest lips on her owns. They cannot stop kissing. The kiss was pure... it was simple.. it was without any burning passion... It was just proof of pure love. They did not wait anything from each another. They just lived their present time... The love was nice the love was beautiful... And it was getting bigger from day to day. Their hugs became stronger everyday. Sometimes they just spent nights by just hugging each other. It was perfect, if... if only there was one problem. He was getting lost sometimes. For day, sometimes for a week and etc. He could not explain. She did not excepted any explanation also... As she relied on him absolutely. But she was thinking may be he has any problem. He never talked about his life, his activities and work... One day she could not endure. And when he went to his house, she decided to follow him. He went far and far... finally, came into the middle of little field and opened his hands wide. She was shocked, what is it? What is he doing here ... it is the place far from the civilization.  And she lost consciousness when she saw his disappearance. He just went out of sight in front of her eyes. He went to the sky... She slept at her place and saw a dream. He came to her with tears in his eyes... And asked her question "Why you followed me, the Queen of My Life?" , " Why you did it?"... As you know my secret, i cannot come back to your real life anymore... It is not allowed to me... I cannot do it... I cannot touch you anymore.. I cannot make you happy anymore... I was an angel who followed you during long years and who finally got permission from God... I loved you during long time... I guarded you from the mistakes... I protected you from bad incidents... And finally, i decided to be next to you and become a guardian angel-human for you. However, from today I cannot do it. God called me back and i cannot come to you anymore.. Except your dreams... You will see me only when you sleep. Our love will last in dream world". She woke up with tears in her eyes... And from that time, she lives in her dreams... She wants forever sleep from God every single day...