Monday, July 28, 2014

My 3 L's

Last days I started to think about a recipe of happiness. Oh what is happiness? Is it the same for everyone? No, definitely, no. However, everybody wants to be happy. I remember a short story by my favorite John Lennon which became so popular:
When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.

Yes, life is about being happy. For everyone the way to his/her own happiness is different. But without exception everybody wants to be happy. Even if we happy, we find new ways for being more happy. Our jug of happiness is not limited. We achieve one step, we want to the next one... May be sometimes it makes us feel unhappy. For me, we should not make life complicated.  We have to be happy with little but with big morally meaning things. IMHO. 

For me the recipe of happiness is consist of 3 letters... 3 Ls... 


Every day, every hour, every minute!

Photo by me, Kensington Gardens/ 2013

Friday, July 11, 2014

Говорят, плохая привычка опаздывать. Особенно если в чью-то жизнь. Особенно если насовсем...

Не опаздывайте...По идее это банальное предложение. Не несущее в себе особого значения. Не опаздывайте. Но если вдуматься, то это слово имеет очень глубокий смысл. Из-за малейшего опоздания мы можем потерять многое. К примеру, если мы опаздываем на вступительные экзамены, то мы теряем как минимум год жизни. Если мы опаздываем на работу, то рискуем потерять её.  Таких примеров в повседневной жизни очень много. Но сегодня я не буду говорить о простом опоздании. Есть более весомые. Для того чтобы встретиться с кем-либо, будешь откладывать встречу, и может наступить день, когда этого человека не станет. Потому что,  жизнь такова, ты не знаешь что будеть через минуту. Старайтесь не упускать ни минуты проведенных с близкими. Ты можешь любить кого-то очень сильно, но не можешь ему в этом признаться. Будешь ждать подходящего момента.  Пока ты ждешь его, время не останавливается, течет своим чередом. Ты будешь строить планы,мечтать,он не будеть знать,в итоге рядом с твоим любимым будет человек, который сумел, который опередил тебя. Если хочешь извиниться перед кем-то, откладывая это на потом, в один день ты поймешь что для этого уже слишком поздно. И будешь лишь в этом ты обвинять только себя. Старайтесь не опаздывать. В жизни этого делать нельзя ни в чем. Поскольку каждый свой возраст вы проживаете только раз. Вы больше не будете такими,какими вы сейчас являетесь. Не скрывайте своих чувств. Не скрывайте своих мыслей. Вовремя признавайте совершенные вами ошибки. Успевайте сказать любимым о том, как их любите. Не надо привязываться к гордости. Она не сотрет ваших слез, пролитых на подушку, но когда внутри все заледенеет то любовь будет вас согревать. Любите, любите много от души и не скрывайте этого даже сейчас читая это подойдите к любимым,  скажите "я тебя люблю" поцеловав при этом в щеку. Этими любимыми могут быть ваши родители, братья и сестры, друзья и вторая половинка. Не стесняйтесь сказать люблю, тут нечего стыдиться. Любовь это рычаг жизни. Любите и не молчите об этом.

p.s. the photo is from my personal collection.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Inside my heart is breaking and my make-up may be flaking...

...But my smile still stays on...

14th of April, 2012, 9:00 am. She woke up with the annoying voice of alarm. She looked at her phone and suddenly remembered that many years ago Titanic sank in this day. She surprised to herself related to this fact. Anyways... It was her 3rd day in BudaPest. She stayed in beautiful luxury hotel on Pest part of the city. Next to her there was a huge shopping center. She planed to go to excursion and then to do shopping today. So she had breakfast and went out. The weather was hot, so she wore her boyfriend jeans and just simple reason t-shirt. She was beautiful with any exaggerating. So with her simple look she was fascinating. The excursion was interesting. They went to Buda Part of the city and had great time here. She saw Fishermen's Bastion, Buda Castle and other places of interest nearby. Then she went to Matthias Church and as a person who believed God a lot she stayed a little bit long here and prayed. She believed in  God...even she was not christian she believed the religion is love and God hears her from everywhere. The day started good-she thought. She took a lot of pictures and felt satisfied. When they were back from tour it was 4 pm. So she decided not to lose time and went to that shopping center which located near to her. After 4 hours of shopping, she finally felt that she is terrible tired and went to Costa Coffee. After few minutes she saw incessant look pointed to her. In the table next to her she saw a guy, he was smiling to her. As she was deadly tired she even cannot give him smile for an answer. However, the guy was persistent and he stood up from his place, came to her table. He just asked where is she from. She answered unwillingly. He saw she is not in her mood, he just wrote his number to a little paper and gave her. When she looked to him with the question in her eyes, he just said if she wants somebody to show her city she can call. Of course she didn't even remember about him during 2 days. After 2 days, it seemed she saw all city and got bored, she remembered him and write him short message with the postcode of her hotel and with her name. He answered immediately and said he would come after 3 hours. She again was charming with her simple beauty. He came with flowers in his hand. She was shocked, they were peonies. The most lovely flowers of her...and first time she looked at him. He was handsome... He was too much handsome. Why she didn`t pay attention on it... So finally they went out from hotel. He brought her to the little river cruise with musicians. It was late evening and the weather was getting darker and darker. She felt cold, he gave his jacket her. After having great time, he brought her back to hotel. They promised meet again tomorrow. She felt she is getting used to him. Oh that feeling... She is afraid of it more than any love any hurt... what about him? for him there was a love from first sight. She left 5 days and during that 5 days they were together all days long...even nights... there were best times for both of them... the times with full of love, full of feeling, full of passion. The last day they even didn`t go out from their number. They just hugged one another during hours... They know this love cannot be finished only by this trip. No they will meet. They will have plans for future. They will be happy together for good as in fairy tales. They dreamed together a lot... He hugged her stronger and stronger, it seemed he didn`t let her go to anywhere. They cried...cried together. He kissed even her tears. Pure tears. And they tried to enjoy the last minutes of being together...Next day, our sleepless girl went back to her native land. She felt an unusual emptiness inside of her. Her native land came to her as a place with strange people. She was looking for dear eyes which are the most native eyes in the world. No, No, No he is not here. Even they talked by Skype she missed him a lot. From day to day...  He also missed her. Sometimes he sent flowers and chocolates to her. Sometimes he made some little surprises. However, nothing can replace the breathe of your love next to you. Months are flied and after 3 months he came to her. Of course, she was happy... They were happy... However, she hid her relationship from her family, as she was sure it is not acceptable, he was from another religion and nation. So they became more careful. She didn`t go to university during 10 days and spent all her time till the night with him. And the time again came.. It is time to say Goodbye... Again... He was her sweetest Hi and hardest Good Bye.  1 year passed, they met maximum 3 times in a year. Once she again went to BudaPest for a month and they spent awesome time..more beautiful than any Honey Moon. Finally, they decided to marry... She does not know how to explain the situation to her family. As they cannot accept it...She pulled herself together and acknowledged her love.. Nobody accepted... None of them... And their decision was decisive... He came to her country... He tried meet with her family.. Talk to him... But no solution. Two people from different nation and religion cannot marry... They just said "Forget everything" like a random nightmare during sleep. They persisted.. But nothing... She didn`t it anything during long days... No result... She tried to run away with him but couldn`t. She was living in prison. As she was weak also in character, she could not stand too much. She started with little drugs... and day after day she became addicted... He didn`t know about it... He saw she is getting gloomy and rude every day... He couldn`t understand.... He thought it is just depression. But he didn`t have any suspicion about her love. He was sure she loves him more than everything in her life... She disappeared sometimes for few days... And finally he couldn`t endure and came to her country. He found her... He saw she is not the same person... Only her eyes are the same... He was angry to her ... But he just could hug her and cry... And wanted from her only one promise about not doing it one more time... He promised to himself that if she stops it, he will disappear from her life forever. He just wanted her to be alive and healthy. She couldn`t... It was too late. She couldn`t without it... Her family was distraught with grief.. They wanted him to help her... Ofcourse, he forgived them..The only wish of him was to see her as before... She was with him all day ... he was near to him... he didn`t leave her alone even for a minute... Just one day he slept... She stood and took the dose.. And it was not normal dose.. it was overdose.. He found her dead next to him... Her previous face was back... She was beautiful with the smile in her face.. He couldn`t stand to this scene.. He just could shout... Shout wildly.. widely... His little girl is dead.. The girl with whom he constructed future plans... The girl who gave him the best moments of his life... The girl who helped his heart hit... The girl who became his whole world... and now she passed away... He could not stand...After 3 hours Ambulance came.. Her family also... They brought their daughter and the guy was taken to madhouse.. As he lost his mind... But the last wish of him was to send peonies to her grave everyday from his card account...